Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New Construction

I've recently decided to take a little time to document our house building progress.  It's fun, exciting, stressful, busy, chaotic, etc. all at one time.    However, it is a huge blessing to build our lifetime home on family land surrounded by loved ones.

Forming up for concrete, Dec 2016

Girls going "potty" in their new bathroom

Before concrete 
7am, Friday, January 15, 2016
Side view - entrance to mudroom

Girls hanging out on the back porch

Our first front porch photo

Monday, February 3, 2014

Girl's Clothes

I'm starting to sell a few mixed girl/boy clothes, shoes, plus some toys so I can afford to support my 'clothes BUYING' addiction.  :)    I have been blessed with tons of 'hand me downs' and I try to continue the cycle, however, I don't have friends with 12-18 month baby girls.  So, the clothes I'm posting today are just baby girl clothes.
I prefer not to ship, but I will bundle items if possible.

Petit Pomme 24 month Sundress $7

24 month Petit Pomme Ruffle Red/white  $7; Specialty Baby Sweater 18m -white-$10
Bonnie Baby 24m - Hot Pink Eyelet $10

Ragsland white collared button down 12/18 month boy/girl

Garanimals 18month shirt; 2T skirt  $4

Ann Loren Set 18 month $10

Mint green Cherokee 18 month tulle dress $7

Pink Ruffle Butt Pants 2T $7
Pink polka dot Skirt tutu-Childrens Place Size 12month  $4

Sir John white undershirt long sleeve-24 Month $5

Iris and Ivy Pink poodle set 12 month; pants are a little faded $5

Gymboree Night Owl Top 24 month; Gymboree Pants 18 month SET $6

Old Navy Girls Jeans 18-24 month; Stained Knees-$3

Rampage Girls Barely Worn Size 8 $4  
I have lots more to go !  Stay tuned.  Email tasa_w@hotmail.com or text me if interested 903.285.3473

Friday, September 14, 2012


Luke and I flew out to VEGAS for 3 days!  This made our 3rd trip in a year.  Yes...we like it!  Our first trip was last Oct for Ramsey and Heather's wedding.  We went in Feb for a GM convention, then back last week for a Chevy convention.  The trip was very fast but we totally enjoyed every moment.  Our flight was upgraded to first class and we enjoyed a few bloody marys, snacks, and warm cookies.  Then we met Carol and Rick at the Encore hotel, which is the 'sister hotel' of the Wynn, where we stayed.  We stayed at Encore in Februrary, as well, and it is fabulous!   I always think of the song "Glamourous" by Fergie!   Vegas is very much an adult 'disney world.'  The first night we ate at Lakeside in the Wynn hotel where we watched the shows overlooking the waterfall. The second night we ate at a Mediterranean Seafood restaurant called Bartolotta, owned by Steve Wynn.  The chef won "top chef."  Needless to say it was a dining EXTRAVAGANZA!  We enjoyed 7 courses of seafood flown in from Italy.  Steve Wynn also dined there the same night....a few tables over.  One of the BEST restaurants EVER!  During the day, I shopped, enjoyed the spa and played a little Roulette, and Pai Gow poker.  We also learned A LOT about the sports book at the Wynn with Joe, Jr. It was super COOL as we watched football and horseraces.  The last night Luke and I ate sushi at Mikumi in the Wynn.  It was DELISH and we sat at a prime table overlooking the coy pond!   After 3 BUSY days AND late nights...we were ready to hop on the plane to see our 3 munchkins!  They stayed at our house with my mom, Lupe, Aunt Katie, and Lucy Burrows (at different times, and followed a '
highly' organized and well planned agenda).  They all kept up with the 'strict' schedule and they weren't TOO spoiled when we got home! 

Hannah's Bday

Rockstar Bday party! 7th BIRTHDAY!  We had a family party at Pete's pizza!  Ava and Hannah dressed up as Rockstars...and LOOKED SO CUTE!  Everyone had a great time!  Hannah acts like a rockstar most of the time so the party was very "fitting."   We also SURPRISED Hannah on her actual Bday and took her to Six Flags with the Penningtons.  It was 107 degrees in Arlington but it was still a BLAST! 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My little swimmer

Luke and I couldn't be more proud of our little swimmer.  We had our first swim meet in Lufkin this past weekend and we didn't really know what to expect.  However,  Hannah got up on the starting block and won FIRST in her heat in backstroke and butterfly; and second in her heat in breast stroke and freestyle.  She WON 4th place in ALL four races out of the 16 girls in age group.  We were amazed!   I think we may have found something that she LOVES! 

Hannah is in the first lane-Black suit and green cap
Hannah's first swim meet-click to view video http://youtu.be/N6xaIm0sd-c

Hannah lost her second front tooth...so now we are officially ready to start 1st grade!  She has become such a big girl this summer!  I am enjoying her company, and the extra help and hands!  :)  I love her so much!

Monday, June 4, 2012

End of School, Rockport and Dance Recital

Hannah is officially out of school for almost 3 months. I have really been dreading having all 4 of us at home ALL summer (me, Hannah, Jake, and Ella). However, over the last two days, (hehe) Hannah has been extremely helpful and entertaining for the babies. She has chores that she must complete before we do something fun (Norma lly swimming at Citas). ALso, she is on swim team which means practice 4 days per week. I hope she likes it. I have called in some extra help too. Lupe will continue to come 15 hours per week to help around the house and keep babies to give mommy a break. Plus Taylor Brown will help me about 10 hours per week to keep Hannah somewhat entertained. Rockport We just got home from the coast for 6 days with the Pennington Family. We all had such a great week! The weather was perfect and we got lots of sun. We caught and few fish. Hannah caught her first black drum in the casating net. Daddy caught a 31in redfish. The babies absolutely loved everything about it this year...the beach, sand, water, pool, boat, condo. Dance Recital Hannah loved dancing in the recital. However, she didnt love dance class. Im not sure if we will continue with dance classes next year.